We got a surprise using a [theme:parameters] variable in the manifest.cfg of one of our Diazo theme.

We were defining a parameter like that :

isFrontPage = context/@@isFrontPage

and then we were using it in the rules :

<drop css:content="#footer-sitemap" if="$isFrontPage" />

But we got an error after having the Theme installed. And we found that the parameter we got in Theme control panel was “isfrontpage” and not “isFrontPage” so the “isFrontPage” parameter used in rules was undefined !

This is happening because plone.app.theming (as plone.resource, Products.GenericSetup, …) is using python’s ConfigParser to parse the manifest.cfg file (“from ConfigParser import ConfigParser“) and it does a lower() on the sections and variables that you put in your config files.

This is the same for RawConfigParser and SafeConfigParser.

So … don’t ever use camelcase there ;-)